Terrax-Basic plant trailers - single axle

Smart design

Low ramp angle
Hot-dip galvanized
Strong steel tailgate ramp with support
Hulco Terrax-1 BasicHulco Terrax-1 Basic

Long drawbar

The long free drawbar length of 145 cm makes the Hulco Terrax basic highly manoeuvrable.

Hulco Terrax-Basic lange dissel
Hulco Terrax achterverlichting

Tail lights

The rear lighting of the Terrax-basic falls inside the chassis to prevent damage.

Fixed ramp support

The fixed tailgate ramp support makes extra support legs unnecessary.

Hulco Terrax klepsteun
Hulco Terrax-Basic bindogen

Fixed tie eye

The Hulco Terrax-basic is equipped with four fixed tie eyes for securing a vehicle or load.

Jockey wheel

The automatic Terrax-basic jockey wheel makes coupling and uncoupling comfortable.

Hulco Terrax neuswiel

Free Terrax-Basic brochure

Receive a Terrax-Basic brochure copy containing all features, specifications and accessories.

Smart design

Hulco Terrax-Basic single axle is a plant trailer in the weight class of 1500 up to 1800 kg. The strong hot-dip galvanized chassis provides the best support for the waterproof plywood loading floor. Due to it’s on low weight, maximum load capacity is available. The strong tailgate ramp of 100 cm covers the entire load floor width. The loading floor has a height of only 32 cm. Driving up and down garden machines, park machines, All-Terrain Vehicle or Quad, light cranes and shovels is no problem. The Terrax-Basic is also available as a tandem axle.

Professional tools

Hulco has been developing reliable and top quality trailers for the professional market since 2003. The Terrax basic is very user-friendly due to the generous standard equipment. Our own development, innovation and robotised production guarantee a consistent high quality output. The Hulco Terrax-basic meets all the requirements of professionals in this class. Receive a free Terrax/Terrax-Basic brochure.

Sustainable trailers

Hulco is a premium European brand and is famous for sustainable trailers for the professional market. The entire production process is done in-house. The lighting, axles, clutch and overrun brake are of the highest quality. This gives Hulco machine transporters a long maintenance-friendly lifespan! Professionals can rely on the quality that Hulco offers on a daily base. Ask your Hulco dealer for the possibilities and attractive prices of the Terrax basic machine transporters.