Terrax plant trailers - tridem

Built for extreme intensive use

Robust tailgate ramp
Strong chassis with cross bars
Low ramp angle
Hulco Terrax-3Terrax-3 machinetransporterHulco Terrax-3Hulco Terrax-3 met machine

Ideal drive-on angle

The low loading floor, of only 32 cm creates a small ramp angle. The ramp is provided with grip profile and a fixed support for stability.

Terrax lage oprijhoek
Hulco Terrax bindmogelijkheden

Fixed tie eyes

Fasten all machines and vehicles quickly by using the large amount of fixed tie eyes on the right and left side of the Terrax.

Loading floor

The Hulco brand is known for its extremely strong chassis and floor support. The Terrax tridem, for instance, has many longitudinal bars that support the floor. This makes the aluminium loading floor suitable for intensive use. The Terrax tridem can easily handle the maximum loading capacity.

Hulco Terrax chassis
Hulco Terrax disselbak

Shovel support

The Hulco Terrax has a fixed shovel support on the drawbar with 2 tie eyes. Made for excavators or additional tool transport.

Jockey wheel

The automatic jockey wheel is convenient to use and of premium quality.

Hulco Terrax neuswiel

Free Terrax brochure

Receive the brochure containing all Terrax and Terrax-Basic features, specifications and accessories.

Terrax plant trailer

The Hulco Terrax in the weight class from 3000 up to 3500 kg is available with 2 or 3 axes. The Terrax is a plant trailer designed for intensive use. The strong steel chassis is robot-welded and hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. The wide tailgate ramp with support and torsion springs is easy to operate. The aluminium loading floor with anti-slip profile is maintenance-friendly. The free drawbar length of 145 cm ensures great manoeuvrability. Receive a free Terrax brochure.

High standards

Hulco invents and produces transport solutions for the professional market in which top quality and reliability are number one. The Terrax machine transporters are user-friendly and are generous standard equipped. Hulco design department, innovations and robotised production guarantee a high quality output. The Hulco Terrax meets all the requirements that professionals set in this class. Hulco Terrax, for professionals who set requirements.

Time saver

Hulco trailers has succeed to create a time-saving transport solutions for professional use. Take a look at the durable Terrax, a heavy-duty plant trailer that meets all requirements. It is standard equipped with; a strong steel chassis, low loading floor, wide tailgate ramp, tandem or tridem, a shovel support and plenty of binding options. Ask your Hulco dealer about the options and attractive prices.