Carax multipurpose trailers - tridem

Suitable for large vehicles

Aluminium loading floor
Strong robot-welded chassis
Ideal ramp angle
Hulco Carax Multitransporter tridemHulco Carax Multitransporter tridemHulco Carax Multitransporter tandemCarax 3 440

Low ramp angle

The loading floor slopes down at the rear. This creates a low ramp angle so long vehicles can access the Carax without any problems.

Carax laadvloer aluminium

Aluminium floor

The Carax has an aluminium floor with maximum grip. The floor is constructed for maximum load capacity. A ramp-rail is fitted at both the front and rear. The towing vehicle can be loaded without disconnecting the Carax.

Steel ramps

The Carax tandem is standard equipped with steel ramps of 250 cm. which are stored in the cassette under the aluminium floor. The steel ramps provide maximum grip when driving up or down.


All Carax models are equipped with bright side and contour lights (LED). This ensures high visibility in traffic.

Carax extras

The Carax is easy to expand with a winch that can be horizontally and vertically retracted in a left or right position. You have the option of a folding jockey wheel so the towing vehicle can be loaded without disconnecting the Carax.

Free Carax brochure

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For intensive use

The Carax tridem is a multipurpose trailer for a professional who wants to transport large vehicles like vans and SUVs. The Carax is available in the weight class of 3500 kg, and a loading floor dimension of 440×207 cm or 540×207 cm. The steel ramps with a length of 250 cm are stored under the aluminium floor. The strong chassis provides optimum floor support. The Carax tridem multipurpose-trailer is 100% wood-free!

Sophisticated design

A sophisticated design makes the Carax user-friendly. The most striking Carax detail is the curve at the rear of the loading floor. This allows longer vehicles to access without any problems. Wheel stops and lashing straps are easy to install through the designated recesses. The Carax is fitted with clear front, side and rear lights and LED contour lights. All Hulco Carax models come with A-quality axles, coupling and overrun brake.

Carax accessories

The Carax can be extended with a winch and support. The winch can be positioned on the left and right side and is adjustable in length. To secure a vehicle on the Carax, Hulco offers a complete system with wheel stops and straps. If you want even more driving comfort, mounting shock absorbers is an option. We recommend this if the Carax is used intensively and to the maximum.