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Hulco Trailers develops high-quality trailers for professional use. This progressive company, located in Bad Bentheim Germany, started in 2003 in the Tilburg region (The Netherlands). Hulco is a well-known European trailer manufacturer. Bad Bentheim integrates the typical Dutch mentality of “hands on” and “no-nonsense” with “German Gründligkeit”. This turned out to be a perfect match.

High quality standards

Hulco has a clear mission: create the best trailers for professionals. Hulco is able to meet all the requirements for the professional market. Hulco trailers are extreme durable!

Hulco Terrax met graafmachine

RDW certified

Hulco Trailers is an RDW certified company and works according to its own quality control to guarantee high quality standards. All Hulco trailers have European type approval and are permitted in all EU member states.

Own logistics

Hulco transport and logistics department is supplying the Hulco dealers. Hulco can respond quickly to market demand.

Hulco eigen transport
Hulco 3D-design

Only the best ...

The research and development department of Hulco is designing the trailers. Hulco has a modern and extensive machine park of laser cutters and welding robots, which ensures extremely accurate output. Hulco devises its trailers down to the smallest details, including the matching accessories. They all meet the strict Hulco standard. More


Hulco can guarantee a consistently high quality output. The entire process, from development, production and supply, is focused on quality. A reason for dealers and customers to choose this brand. View all Hulco trailers.

Hulco fabriek

Free Hulco brochure

The Hulco Carax, Medax and Terrax brochures offers an overview of all models, features, specifications and accessories. Receive a free copy.