The extreme strong Hulco trailers

The Hulco professional trailers are built for transporting; bulk goods, solid items, building materials or machines. There’ s a wide choice of models and accessories. The Hulco trailers meet the strictest requirements and are fully equipped.

✓ Well equipped
✓ Robust
✓ Maintenance friendly

Professional trailers

Hulco develops trailers for the professional market in which top quality and reliability are essential. Hulco knows the demands of professional users. That’s why all flatbed and plant trailers are extremely strong, user-friendly, safe and equipped with a generous standard equipment. Hulco Trailers, for professionals who set high standards.

Hulco accessories

The Hulco accessories are easy to assemble. Hulco already took all accessories into account during the design process. Holes are already provided, making drilling unnecessary. You can transform a flatbed trailer into an enclosed cargo trailer by mounting the Hulco high cover. With mesh sides, winch, ladder rack, wheel stops, coupling raiser or ramps, you can assemble your Hulco according to your personal specifications. More comfort during loading or unloading is achieved by mounting the support stands. Use the tie eyes to safely secure the load.

Where to buy a Hulco

The Hulco dealer can supply your Hulco trailer. Hulco has a network of qualified trailer dealers across Europe. Make your specific wishes known and Hulco will ensure the best dealer match. Do you want to receive documentation or are you looking for an answer to your question? Hulco Trailers is at your service.