Hulco trailers with prob stands

Are you looking for prob stands for your Hulco trailer? Hulco makes prob stands (in collaboration with Anssems) for its trailer models that are safe and convenient to use. All Hulco trailers are prepared for this accessory.

Greater stability when loading
Easy to operate
Strong and stable

More stability with prob stands

Prob stands increase stability when loading and unloading or driving onto rolling stock. The Hulco Terrax plant trailers are already equipped with a fixed support on the tailramp. For the Carax and Medax, a prob stand set is available that can be operated with one hand. You pull the prob stand forward and turn it in or out. The original Hulco prob stands are easy to assemble. All the necessary materials are included and assembly without drilling.

Prob stand benefits

  • Greater stability when loading / unloading.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • More comfort in combination with ramps.
  • Simple assembly, without drilling.
  • Maintenance-friendly.
Hulco steunpoten set

Buying prob stands

You can purchase a prob stand set at your Hulco dealer. The Hulco dealer can also advise you on all Hulco trailer models and accessories.