Medax flatbed trailer - tridem

Built for extreme intensive use

Space Frame chassis
Time saving design
Many accessories available
Medax 3 plateauwagenMedax 3 plateauwagenMedax 3 3000 611x223 plateauwagen

Back-panel support

Every Medax is equipped with back-panel support. Pull the pull-out extensions under the back-panel so that this board can rest on it, it will be at the same height as the loading floor.

Hulco Medax uittrekkokers
Hulco Medax lange touwhaken

Long tie-hooks

The long tie-hooks are located under the Medax loading floor for securing of the load.

Spaceframe chassis

A Hulco Medax platform trailer has a robust spaceframe chassis made of tubular profiles that offers maximum support to the loading floor. This spaceframe is the most robust chassis construction out there. The complex construction is made with highest precision by laser cutters and robot welders. A Hulco spaceframe chassis is made for intensive use.

Hulco Medax vakwerk chassis
Medax bindhaken op laadvloer

Fixed tie-hooks

The Hulco Medax is equipped with tie-hooks on the loading floor edge for securing of the load safely.

Medax side panels

The Medax side panels rotate under the load floor. If the side panels span more than 5 meters, they will be divided into 2 parts for better handling.

Hulco Medax tridem met dubbele zijwanden

Free Medax brochure

The Hulco Medax brochure provides an overview of all features, accessories and technical data by model. Receive a free copy.

Medax is up to the challenge

Professionals across Europe rely on the quality of the Hulco Medax and use it to the utmost. The loading floor is optimally supported by the spaceframe chassis made of box profiles. The axles (tandem or tridem), wheels, overrun brake and nose wheel are of premium quality. The built-in tension closures, the side panels that rotate under the loading surface and the many binding options make the Medax the best choice for professionals. There are 24 models available (335 cm to 611 cm load floor length) with a total load capacity of 2600 up to 3500 kg. There is always a Medax that meets your transport needs.

Adjust the Medax to your requirements

With a wide selection of accessories you can customise your Medax to suit your needs. You can choose from: prop stands, winch, axle shock absorbers, spare wheel with support, marker lamps, high cover or ladder rack. A flatbed without the panels? Or ramps under the floor? Hulco has it all! Receive a free Medax brochure.


Hulco uses premium quality parts that are mostly designed and produced in-house. The Medax is constructed from steel, aluminium and durable (waterproof) plywood. The Medax space frame chassis is robot-welded and then fully hot-dip galvanized. The outside and inside of all profiles are therefore provided with a zinc layer. Rust formation is therefore impossible. Ask your dealer for Medax configurations.